The Danish mobility from a Danish perspective

In the period from February the 2nd until February the 8th Trekløverskolen in Kjellerup, Denmark hosted the first mobility in the Erasmus-project – Master. Metacognitive Thinking Activities and Strategies for Teaching and Educational Results.
Prior to the week a lot of different planning had taken place. The theme for this first mobility was to set Life Goals.
In Denmark, we were positive surprised by the fact that many students wanted to participate in the project. We held a parents and students meeting where we introduced the project.  After that meeting we started putting host and students together. The students made their first contact, and before the arrival on the 2nd everyone had had their first contact.
Finally, after a lot of preparation and excitement it was the 2nd of February. The groups from the different countries arrived to Kjellerup at different times. The Spanish group and the Finnish group arrived nearly at the same time to the airport in Billund. They shared a bus …

Visit to Denmark

MASTER newsletter 2nd issue February 2018

The second meeting in Denmark.
From 2nd to 9th February  6 students from 2nd ESO and 2 teachers from CCE Virgen del Pasico, Torre-Pacheco, took part in the second meeting of our Erasmus+ project in Kjellerup skole, Kjellerup, Denmark. These are the students views of their  Danish experience:

My experience in the Erasmus Project has been very important because I have met a lot of people and I have learned about another culture, another way of life. I have visited many places in another country and I have really enjoyed seeing how I could learn many things in a week living in another country, but they were not maths or Spanish language and literature, they were things of life because as I said in one of the activities of Lego,it is that a future is built by studying but above all day by day, enjoying these little things and of course living each day to the maximum.
This is what I have taken from the Erasmus meeting.
Natalia Sánchez García

Las tweek I was in Denmark in an exchange organize…

School Videos

Tetarto Gymnasio Chanion, Chania CE Virgen del Pasico. Torre-Pacheco, Murcia Hj. Nortamon peruskoulu, Rauma Fässbergsskolan, Mölndal



The First Meeting in Sweden

I know that I speak for everyone in the project when I say that we all very much looked forward to our first meeting. We had so much to do and decide that when we finally met I forgot to let everyone introduce ourselves(!). Some of us had worked in previous EU projects and some of us were new acquaintances.  We came from five different schools in five European countries; Denmark, Finland, Greece, Spain and Sweden.
First task - reviewing our application, making decisions and dividing tasks.
An Erasmus application is more or less a book in which the project is described in great detail, including;  What we want to do Why we want to do it How we should work to reach our aims How we will spread our results and how this will change education as we know it.  We spent most of our first meeting discussing details around the application.

Great teachers are made - not born

Our project is not only for students but also for teachers. We will organise workshops where teachers learn to and from each …